Drawing week 1

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Some notes on week 1 of the drawing class:

The class involved jumping in with a full 1-page comic telling a story about the person sitting in front of me, followed by some drawing exercises like “draw a ball falling”. These were all timed.

I was super rusty at first, but by the end of the three hours I’d warmed up and finished my favourite exercise, which was to draw:

A ball smashing through a window and a person’s newspaper, and a dog jumping up to catch the ball.


  • Drawing fast is hard. It forces you to be more intuitive.
  • You can get to know someone from how they draw, which is neat.
  • You can slip into “graphic novel mode” after you get on the tube and observe people, thinking about angles and framing.

I have homework. I’m going to read The Arrival by Shaun Tan and The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins. I also have a drawing exercise: a single-frame story conveying action and reaction, with two characters, a prop, and a reaction. In a single frame.