Model as selfie

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Drawing adventures continued (week 1).

I read the brilliant The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins. The art is gorgeous and the story is perfect.

I did an A-level in art but it dawned on my recently that I don’t really know how to draw people or expressions. I always assumed drawing people was a natural gift some people just have, but apparently it’s a learnable skill. So, I got a book to help with figure drawing, a classic by Andrew Loomis: Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth. It covers a lot of helpful information for nailing the technical side of drawing. So I had some of Loomis’ advice in mind yesterday, including “hanging people on the horizon” and roughly how many heads make up a person.

Some of the things we worked on yesterday with life models:

  1. Observe a pose for 2 minutes, then draw from memory, observe, then work on the drawing again.
  2. Draw the life model as a self-portrait.
  3. Split into small groups, pick a movie everyone in the group had seen, then identify the four key scenes from that movie. Two life models then act out each scene, with about 1-2 mins per sketch. Everyone else had to guess what they were acting. It was hard (but fun).

Model as selfie.

Storyboarding a movie (a different movie per sketch).

More next week!